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Short Story Blogs was created to replace our quarterly newsletter.   We discovered that our customers like to be entertained while learning something new.   We hope you enjoy reading the short story blogs while exploring the adventures of each of our characters.   You might be able to relate to some of our characters and their situations which makes for good reading, and hopefully laughter.

While our writer (Cal) likes creating and writing about interesting and educational subjects, please take the time to let Cal know if you are enjoying the stories and articles by writing a comment in the section provided beneath each story blog, or just write “Like”.   This will help Cal to improve future stories.

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Short Story Blogs

Quartz by Cambria for Baby’s Room – Chapter 5 of Mike and Michelle

Look What Happens When I “Add A Little Me” to my Granite Kitchen Countertop

What does a Livingstone Solid Surface Countertop and Las Vegas Have in Common?

How A Kitchen Changed Their Priorities – Chapter 4 of Mike and Michelle

Michelle Wins Piedrafina Engineered Marble Bathroom – Chapter 3 of Mike and Michelle

Turkey Meets Cultured Marble Laundry Room

“Up! Up! and Away!” in Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

Every Photo Has A Story! Part II  – Mike and Michelle’s Home Remodel – Chapter 2 of Mike and Michelle

Every Photo Has A Story!  Part I  – Meet Michelle – Chapter 1 of Mike and Michelle

New Cultured Marble “True” Rectangular Mold-in Sink

Bathroom and Kitchen Countertop Choices

See What’s Cooking in the Kitchen!

What Do You See?  Let Have Some Fun!

No More Back Seat for Cultured Marble

Who Says that Remnants Are Hand-Me-Downs?

What Do You See? Serenity?

The Grandeur of Grand – Kitchen

Let Granite Remnants Provide a Grandstand 

The “Wave” Can Be Seen at Sea World Too!


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