Quartz by Cambria for Baby’s Room

Mike and Michelle’s Life Adventure – CHAPTER 5

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Quartz for Baby's Room

With Michelle’s expected due date just around the corner, she and Mike enthusiastically completed the nursery for their first little bundle of joy that would soon start their family.  Not wanting to know the gender ahead of time, they decided upon a color that could work for either a boy or girl; thinking they can add a few colors to the palette once he or she arrives.

Thumbing through the slideshow of photos on their laptop while sitting side-by-side at their new kitchen quartz table, they were enjoying the before and after images of their creation for that someone special.

With all the teddy bears and other unique stuffed animals received from their co-ed soft animal themed baby shower, they incorporated them into the design and decorative plan.

Quartz Remnants

They laughed as Michelle reminded Mike several times how she was the one with the idea to stroll through California Crafted Marble’s remnant yard to see what kind of treasure they could find to implement into their theme.Quartz - Cambria Torquay for shelving

Discovering two beautiful pieces of Cambria’s Torquay quartz that showed off the illusion of a subtle marble like appearance, there was enough material for the baby’s changing table and shelving that was to line the bottom of each rustic adhered crate.


Quartz - Cambria Cardiff Cream tabletop


With the flow of the dark wood flooring assimilated into the outdoorsy corner vignette scene that Mike created, it provided a fun indoor play area, with porch, that currently displayed all the stuffed animals.  Eventually, the animals would be repositioned once their child has grown to use this area; either for tea parties if a girl, or an art area if a boy.


Quartz tabletop for childs tableTo give more individualism and independence to their child, Mike constructed a pint size table and bench to be placed on the porch.  To compliment both pieces of art, Michelle uncovered a small segment of Cambria Cardiff Cream quartz in the “Waste Not” area of the remnants.  It fit perfectly with the color scheme as the tabletop for the small porch table and the sitting portion of the bench.

Now, it is the waiting game for their little one to arrive.

MOTO:   You can do anything with granite, quartz, and solid surface if you put your “imagination” into it.   Or call California Crafted Marble, Inc. at (619) 562-2605 – we can help!

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