OMNI Nightclub-Bar Area-Glasses“If you walk into an Art Gallery and stare at a painting long enough, you can see a story unraveling within it.  This photo is no different.  Here is my short story of what I saw in this photo.”

Michelle was distressed after being served with divorce papers at work.  She couldn’t believe it since her husband had been prying her to make a decision on what she would like for their kitchen countertop.   Instead of taking a walk to clear her head, she decided to visit the new Omnia Nightclub, close to her work, for a quiet drink.  As she walked in, she noticed the nightclub was engulfed in the majestic colors of gold, silver, and black.

She sat at the bar crouched over the countertop with her hands clutched in front of her and ordered a glass of almond champagne – her and her “soon to be ex” husband’s favorite.   As she was waiting patiently in fear that any movement would get her noticed, her eyes traveled from one end behind the bar to the other.  She felt renewed vitality as she absorbed the passionate puzzle pattern and the breath-taking color scheme within the back wall.  Her eyes played and jumped from line to line as she imagined herself as Princess Daisy of the Mario Brother’s but without the sound clip behind it.  With her drink cupped in both hands, her tear-filled eyes proceeded to skip down the back wall to help keep her mind off the future inevitable.  Then suddenly she noticed an infinite black landscape offset by a vivid array of small dispersed light particles spotlighted by the can lighting.  This beautiful solid, pure black base with specks was making its debut from beneath the unused translucent glasses.  As she scanned the back bar countertop, she felt the release of her hidden misery from her secretive box and the illumination of warmth through her heart.  She was no longer hiding from the world around her.

She spoke up and asked the bartender if he knew what the countertop product was?  “Corian “Deep Black” quartz from California Crafted Marble” he replied.

Suddenly a fluted glass with champagne was placed next to hers.  She recognized the voice “Honey, are you listening?  We need to make a decision”.   She came out of her trance with her husband looking into her eyes with love and compassion.  She realized that it was just a horrible day dream.  She jumped up and hugged him real tight and whispered in his ear “Yes honey, I would like a kitchen countertop in Corian Deep Black Quartz“.   As she released him and stood back glaring into his eyes with a huge smile, he asked “Why black?”  With love and conviction she responded, “Because black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning”.

The moto of the story is “Do not procrastinate or you might have a horrible dream”.   Call California Crafted Marble today at (619) 562-2605 and we will help you decide on the best product for your project.


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