Thanksgiving is a day for being grateful for the littlest things that are actually big things in life.  It is also a time for family gatherings; and a chance to try your hand in making those favorite classic recipes from mom, or grandma’s, stained and worn out index cards.

canstockphoto7573130With the excited faces of giggling little girls standing on chairs and trying desperately to help out in the kitchen to prepare our Thanksgiving family feast, it took me back in time when I was growing up.  I remember begging to help my mother cook.  When teaching me how to combine ingredients without measuring . . .  she would say “just eye-ball it!  A handful here, a pinch there!” Those were wonderful and treasured memories even though I made a mess of the grout within the countertop tiles.

With a smile on my face, I thought I would give the girls a simple task.  With my newly installed Cambria quartz countertop with large double stainless sink by California Crafted Marble, Inc., I pulled each of their chairs up to the kitchen sink where the turkey lied.  I showed the oldest one how to use the dish sprayer next to the faucet.   Though the younger one wanted to use the sprayer as well, I convinced her that her job was just as important – she received a clean sponge to wipe the turkey as her sister sprayed.  Their task . . . clean the turkey.

Laundry Room-Square Sink-Cultured1I left for a short moment (at least I thought) and when I returned the turkey and girls were gone.  I rushed through the house frantically calling their names.  I finally heard some giggling down the hallway that seemed to come from the laundry room.  I rushed toward the sound.  I turned the corner and there they were – but no turkey.  I looked on the floor and around my cultured marble countertops for any evidence but none could be found.

I asked the girls, “Where is the turkey?”  They giggled again and pointed to the washing machine.   Sure enough, after opening the door . . there was the kidnapped turkey.

To this day, I still can’t believe that two little girls lifted that turkey out of the sink, carried it to the laundry room, and put it in the washing machine.  Their reasoning . . . they wanted to make sure it was clean enough to eat.

Thank goodness they did not know how to start the washing machine.