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Can You Relate?  Let’s have some fun – YES FUN!!!

Let’s add a little humor in our lives today – laughter is the best medicine I have been told.

Enjoy the story listed below behind the question “Can You Relate?”



?????????????????????????????????????????????FINALLY, MY BATHROOM IS TRANSFORMED!

I can’t believe that I waited this long before researching into the affordable alternatives to remodel my very aged and crumbling bathroom.   Now my bathroom was not only inviting but it was a beautiful creation of my personality in my own modest castle.

It was time to immerse myself in my new shower.   With a big smile on my face, I turned on the water and WOW!!!!   I could smell the scent of an obnoxious rotten egg of sewer gas creeping up from the trap from sitting unused for too long.   Waving my arms in the air as if shooing flies, I had to walk out of the bathroom with the water running.

After a few minutes, I took a deep breath and dared to enter again . . . with one hand using my fingers to plug my nose, I used the other to reach over the “bathtub/shower combo”, opened up the window, turned off the water, and then retreated again.

Another few minutes, I slowly sneaked in . . . bent over at the waist as if I was trying not to be discovered.   After determining it was safe, I raised up and regained my smile.

Now I could assuredly enjoy a refreshing shower.  I stepped in, turned on the water, and pulled the shower diverter valve.  As soon as the water flow exited the shower head, I felt a sudden coldness on my skin.  YIKES!  I withdrew as far back in the bathtub as I could from the water rushing out of the shower head.   As fast as the water started out cold, its temperature changed instantaneously to what I originally expected.

With my arms and hands outstretched letting the water trinkle down on them, I cautiously approached the shower head again.  Feeling relieved, I put my head under the water with my eyes closed shut and blindly reached for my shampoo bottle at the bottom of my bathtub.  Frantically moving my hand all around, I realized that I had two shelves put in my new remodeled bathtub/shower.  With an “Oh Ya!” and another big smile, I stood up and found the shelf with my shampoo bottle nestled there waiting for my retrieval.

With shampoo in my hair, I heard a sound and the water turned scolding hot. OUCH!  The water sprinklers came on. Escaped in the corner of the bathtub that I discovered earlier, I waited for the water temperature to change.  Standing there with soap running down my face, I kept my eyes closed as tight as I could.  Finally, the temperature turned tolerable.  Under the water my head went for a quick rinse before the unexpected happens again.

Stepping out onto my new tiled floor with towel wrapped around, I reached for my toothbrush and toothpaste.  Brushing while admiring my new bathroom, toothpaste slips out of my mouth and lands on my new countertop.  UGG!  Instead of taking toilet paper to wipe it up and then rinse the residue later because of the metal rim around the previous sink, I can now use water from my faucet and wipe it directly into my unilav sink.

I am now a happy camper!

Motto of the Story:   You don’t have to wait to remodel your bathroom – call California Crafted Marble, Inc. and inquire about “CULTURED MARBLE” – it’s more affordable than you think.


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