Marble Countertops in San Diego

What do you see? and why do you think this is one of my favorite photos.  Here is my answer . . .

Visualizing standing in front of the sink with dishtowel in hand, looking out and beyond into the fields, imagining small wildlife roaming around with an invisible flair, while birds flock above their being – then I look down  . . . . amazed with the characteristics of the unique lines, patterns, and color combinations of the natural stone of my GRANITE kitchen countertop.  It hurls me back in time when I was young watching the cartoon show “The Flintstones”.  Is this where the granite came from, a quarry?  What adventure did it go on before it landed in my kitchen.

Then I come out of my trance and realized that I just finished washing my dishes and the attractiveness and strength of my           GRANITE countertop provided by California Crafted Marble, Inc. (Santee, CA) is once more revealed to the world.


10848 Wheatlands Ave
Santee, CA 92071,
United States

Phone: 619-562-2605
Fax: 619-258-2604

M-F 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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