Adding a Little Me in my Brazlian granite countertop

“Added a Little Me” (masculine qualities) in my Brazilian granite countertop selection

A Little Me in my Brazilian granite countertop

“Added A Little Me” (traits of a Lion – SEE IMAGE) by choosing this Brazilian granite countertop

What do you see in the photo to the right?

This person took the animal personality test and discovered that his characteristics best portrayed the King of the Beasts – THE LION!

With his attributes of courage and strength, he wanted a countertop to celebrate his masculine qualities with colors that were powerful and filled with authority, reassurance, and confidence.  Adding a chiseled edge provided a visual appeal of his aged appearance with his angular chin.  By choosing a bold Brazilian granite, accented with his style of edging, he was able to cover all his traits that he wanted within his custom granite kitchen countertop.

Brazilian granite kitchen with chiseled edging

Final results of my customized Brazilian granite countertop by using the idea of “Adding A Little You”

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