Westmont Senior Living Solid Surface Livingstone Bar and Table Livingstone Solid Surface Bar and Table

The large solid surface bar-type countertop manufactured by Livingstone, and fabricated and installed by California Crafted Marble, Inc. in this senior living center, was chosen in the “Santa Fe” color.   This choice of material and color for this countertop possesses a comparison to an element in this photo that is also fun and has an alluring trait.

  •  They both look cool
  • They both have spots
  • They both possess the color black
  • They both have straight sides
  • They both are manufactured
  • They both can be used for fun activities

What is it?  Dice

Yes, the COOL bar-style countertop with SPOTS of BLACK, white, tan, and brown with it’s STRAIGHT unerring lines that is custom MANUFACTURED can be used for FUN activities.

Just like the dice you see at the end of the bar, they are cool, have spots on each side, black in color, straight sides, manufactured in some sort of material, and is used to engage one into playing fun games.

Contact California Crafted Marble, Inc. at (619) 562-2605, or email [email protected] to see how we can help you select the best material and color for your “fun” project.    Let the magic of our cherished art of traditional craftsmanship, excellence, universal, and passion make your project become a reality.


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