If you were not the first child, most likely you received, at one point in your life, someone’s hand-me-downs.  Not all left-overs are bad.

I remember my mother telling me over and over again that someone else’s discarded items can be someone else’s treasures – HOW TRUE!!!!

When I stroll through our remnant yard, I discover a lot of treasure.  Like pieces of furniture, each has its own characteristics, size, and colors; and fits I perfectly with the right location; being residential or commercial.

Remnants are something of great worth to someone.  Maybe a remnant will fit perfectly in your home.  Call California Crafted Marble, Inc. (Santee, CA) and find out.  We have all sizes.


10848 Wheatlands Ave
Santee, CA 92071,
United States

Phone: 619-562-2605
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M-F 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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